Can you give me some details of the courses that you have?

Hairdressing Foundation Course: 3 ½ months, 5 days a week, 14 weeks, 4 hours a day, which would include consultation, skin and hygiene, health and safety, client management, salon management, basic women's cuts and men's barbering, hair dressing techniques like washes and blow dry and technical knowledge like colouring.
Cuts and Colour: 2 months, 5 days a week, 8 Weeks, 4 hours a day, includes styling, basic cuts and colour.
Only Cuts: 1½ months, 5 days a week, 6 Weeks, 4 hours a day, includes styling and 6 basic cuts. Men's Hairdressing/Barbering: 5 days, 4 hours a day, includes buzzer, clipper, mid length and long hair.
Hairstyling: 5 days a week, 2 Weeks, 4 hours a day, includes wash, blow-drying techniques, tongs, rollers, iron, scrunch, french roll and bouffant styles.
Advanced Haircutting & Styling (Ladies): 5 days, 4 hours a day, includes advanced hair cutting, styles and techniques, advanced colour, presentation skills, salon management and a project to create a portfolio.
Advanced Hairstyling Courses: 1-3 days master class, by appointment, includes creative cuts and colour, hair tattooing, long hair styling.
Assistants Course: 1 month, 5 days a week, 4 Weeks, 4 hours a day, includes hairdressing techniques like wash and blow dry.
Beauty & Skin: 1-4 weeks, 5 days a week, 3 hours a day, different courses are available like Foundation course in skincare, Advanced skincare, Cosmetic techniques & Aromatherapy.
Personal Grooming: By appointment, includes personal etiquette, personal styling, interview & workplace etiquette.
Personal Makeup & Hair: 1 day, 4-6 hours a day / 2 days - 3 hrs a day includes knowledge of products & tools and different styles of hairdos & makeup application.
Advanced Professional Makeup: 1-3 Weeks, 3-4 hours a day, includes advanced makeup application, SFX and Bridal.
Professional Makeup (Basic): 1 month, 5 days a week, 4 Weeks, 3 hours a day, includes knowledge of products and tools, application & blending techniques, highlighting, contouring, shading, eyes, eye brows, eyelashes, cheeks and lips.

Will these courses have both theory and practical?

Yes, these will be both theory and practical.

What is the criterion for joining the Basic Hair / Basic Professional Makeup Course?

This course does not require any prior knowledge of hair dressing or makeup. You can have passed Std X, XII or be a Graduate. There is no educational qualification, but you would need to speak and understand either English or Hindi. This is applicable for all the basic courses.

What is the criterion for joining the Advanced Hair Dressing Skills Course?

To be able to qualify to join any of the advanced hair courses, one would need to have a minimum of 1 year experience of working in a salon.

What are the charges for these courses?

Depending on the course, the fees would vary from| 10,000 to | 2,50,000 or more. If you need more details, it is best you come and meet us.

If 3 of us want to join the Basic Hair Course will we get a discount?

Yes. It will be discussed and confirmed once you pay a booking fee of | 5,000.

What is the duration of these courses?

There are various courses with varied duration, from a day or week, 10 days, one month to 4 ½ months.

What are the timings of these courses?

10 am to 2 pm or 2 pm to 6 pm. We can tailor make a course to suit your requirements.

What is the class strength? How many students per batch? What is the Teacher:Student ratio?

We take in a minimum of 3 students and a maximum of 5. That is a ratio of 1:5.

Who will be conducting these courses? Will it be Savio himself?

The Courses are conducted by our Trainers who have been working with Savio. The Advanced Cuts and Colour courses are conducted by Savio himself.

Does the course cover technical training as well and where are these conducted? Are they certified?

The theory and practical knowledge about the technical processes are given in our course. The students are thereafter sent to the technical institutes of various colour companies affiliated with the salon for certification.

How many haircuts are covered in the basic course?

a) There are 6 ladies haircuts that are covered: One Length, Forward Graduation, Natural Inversion, Square Layers, Bob and Round Layers.
b) There are 2 techniques in Barbering: Scissors over Comb & Clipper Cuts.

Is equipment included in the courses?

A basic equipment kit is provided for the Hairdressing Foundation Course. For the others, we will provide you the required list and you will need to purchase them on your own. If you need any assistance we shall be glad to help.

What does the basic kit include?

1 cutting scissor, 1 cutting comb, 1 gents cutting comb, 1 tail comb, 1 paddle brush, 3 round brushes (L, M, S), 1 hair dryer and a mannequin head & stand.

Who will be conducting the respective courses?

Our creative/artistic team will be conducting the training.

Is the Savio John Pereira Academy certificate recognized in India?

Yes, you will be given preference anywhere in India if you have completed our course and have a SJP certificate.

Is the Savio John Pereira Academy certificate recognized internationally?

No course in India is recognised internationally unless you have attempted the City and Guilds examination. Our course is based on the City and Guilds Course guidelines. If you are looking at working abroad, you will need to have this certificate.

Where are these courses conducted? Are they held in the Salon?

We have a separate training academy where the classes will be held; in addition to the salon.

Where are the Salon and the Academy located?

They are both located in Bandra West.

Will I get practical hands on experience working in the salon during the course?

Yes. From the very beginning, one day in the week will be kept aside for your internship in the salon.

Can I take a break in between and rejoin later? When I rejoin will it be continued or will I have to begin my course all over again? Will I have to pay extra for taking a break?

Every course takes into consideration the scheduling of trainers, time and venue. Hence, it is advisable that you complete a course in one go. However if there are any unavoidable circumstances we can allow a break but it cannot be for an unlimited period. The maximum break that we can allow during the course is 15 days. No, you do not have to pay extra if it is within the stipulated time. However, if it is longer than permitted, you will have to pay a fine of | 25,000.

I work and hence I am unable to do the course at one stretch. Will you accommodate and personalize the course for me?

Yes, we can personalize the course to suit your requirement. However, it will be at our discretion and cannot be considered a norm or rule.Once the course is personalized, youwill have toadhere to it.

Whom do I speak with regarding Education? Who is responsible for the courses?

You need to speak with the Director of the Academy regarding Education, Courses, Availability etc. However the course content, schedules and overall training are headed by Savio himself.

I am not a native from Mumbai. Will you provide accommodation if I come here to do the course?

If you are an out station student who needs assistance with convenient and affordable accommodation, youare requested to get in touch with our help desk at least 3 months in advance.

I am not from Mumbai, So I do not have any acquaintances here. Will you provide models for me during my course?

We can help you get models by providing you with a list of colleges and schools in the area or fromour model database, but the on us of getting the models is on you.

Will I be hired after completion of the course?

It would depend on whether we have an opening at that time. If not, we would recommend you to other salons of repute.

What are the job opportunites after doing this course?

We will help with placements in prestigious salons aroundthe country.

If I am hired after completion of the course will I have to sign a contract?

We have a 2 year contract that you would need to sign. In addition to that, you need to pay | 25,000 (refundable) on completion of 2 years, as a security deposit.

What happens if I breach the contract?

You will have to pay | 50,000 as a penalty fee for breach of contract, which is mentioned in detail in the contract.

Why am I charged a security deposit?

At Savio John Pereira we believe in continued training and learning. The same shall be made available to you. Hence we expect a certain commitment and assurance from you.

How much will it cost me to build my own kit, besides my starter kit?

The pricing would depend on the brand of products that you wish to purchase. (Pricing starts from | 10,000)
Your personal kit should include the following:
Texturizing Scissor - 1
Cutting Comb Small - 1
Barbering Comb - 1
Tail Comb - Plastic 1
Flat Clips - 6
Pin Curl Clips - 1 dozen (12 pieces)
Butterfly Clips - 6
Paddle Brush Small - 1
Round Brush - Small - 3, Jumbo - 1
Metal Round Brush - Small - 3, Medium - 1
Cleaning Clipper
Denman Brush - 1
Vent Brush - 1
Iron - 1
Tongs - Small, Medium & Large
Kit Bag
Wahl Professional with guards - 1-8
Dusting Brush - 1
Mannequin Head - 1
Styling Products for male and female
Water Spray Bottle
Hand Sanitizer
Mixing Bowl

Any age bar to enroll for the makeup course?

Anyone above 18 years of age can join our professional makeup courses.

Do I need any qualifications or previous experience in makeup to enroll for the course?

No it is not required.

Do you personally teach makeup?

An expert in the field of makeup, an in-house or guest trainer, will personally attend all the sessions to teach and share all their successful experiences of their many years in the industry.

How do I enroll?

You must complete the Application Form and visit our Academy with the payment for the course fee. After which, we will send/give you a receipt with your acceptance letter.

What distinguishes your master classes from those of others?

What distinguishes us from other classes is the personal connection made with our students. We have fewer students in each class to enhance the technical ability that is taught. And beyond that we are constantly in touch with students to help them secure work on their resumes, portfolio, etc. We love what we do and it shows.

What qualification will I receive after the course?

You will be given a completion certificate after the course. However, photographers, magazine editors, film, television, etc. will give you work on the strength of your portfolio alone. So we provide a customized portfolio built for every student of ours along with the certificate.

Is your curriculum comprehensive in all areas of makeup artistry i.e. beauty, fashion, video, special effects, etc.) or does the school specialize in specific areas?

Our makeup training offers several options for the aspiring artist or those working artists who want advanced makeup training. We offer different intensive programmes covering all aspects of fashion, bridal, television, film, theatre, special effects, prosthetics and airbrush. Our courses are fully comprehensive. Students learn relevant, practical etiquette in each course to prepare them for work upon their completion. 10% of each course's grade is designated to 'professionalism', including the student's attendance, attitude in class and the setup of their workstation.

Does the makeup training center have any accreditation?

Fashion makeup is a creative profession, unlike beauty therapy, which involves special training in the use of chemicals and the anatomy, which can be dangerous and where accreditation is valid. Therefore, as with other creative schools like Art schools, accreditation is not needed. We are proud to teach and share with our students all the experience and art that we have gathered over the years.

Do you teach applications specific for high definition and new media?

We teach techniques and application for creating flawless skin with HD and new media in mind. We are trained in creating looks for HD television, with modern makeup techniques.

What jobs are available in makeup artistry?

Professional makeup artists are more in demand than ever before. Below are the job opportunities for makeup artists:
Modeling Agencies
Print Media
Fashion Catalogues
Music Videos
Runway Shows
Cosmetic Companies
Bridal / Weddings

Will the Makeup course help me find work?

No school will look for work on your behalf. However, you will be given a list of Mumbai based contracts to get in touch with directly. Photographers and stylists do sometimes request makeup artists from us for portfolio shoots and paid jobs, an invaluable link, which has led to some of our top ex-students building their careers. When required, we have always asked our students who have completed the course, to join us for lots of our projects.

What guarantee do I have of a successful career as a makeup artist?

A school cannot guarantee that a student will be successful. Only your talent, perseverance and determination can guarantee success. However, the portfolios of our students guarantee that we have produced a remarkable set of new professionals.

I am an out-of-state student, can you tell me what housing is available?

Our makeup training center is situated in the heart of Mumbai. There are plenty of paying guest accommodations available allover the city.

What products do you use for class work?

We use cosmetics from top reputed makeup brands. Within class, students use products from companies such asMakeUpForEver,CinemaSecrets, Bobbi Brown,Macandmore. These products are foundin the student'smakeupkits.Theschool does not endorseany one product or brand.

When can I visit your makeup training center?

You are welcome to visit our makeup training centre after confirming a time and date with us. Please note,we see peopleona one-on-one basisby appointment only.

Do you have any branches in other cities?

Our makeup training center is based in Mumbai. We have no other branches in any ot.her city yet.

How often is the curriculum updated to include new trends?

Our curriculum is constantly being fine tuned with updated trends. However, the structure of it is re- evaluated each year keeping inmindnewand vital information. The goal is to remain consistent and to provide each student with theknowledge of themostcurrentandnecessary techniquesandproducts.

Do you offer both private and group classes?

Yes, our 2 months course is within a group setting. However, we conduct private customized workshops, that are 2 to 4 days, depending on the topic and needs of the student,we call them 1-on-1 workshops.

Does the school provide a means by which students who participate in the Makeup courses can digitally
photograph all of their work?

Yes, you can use our facility to help record all your work and after a successful completion of the course, you will get a chance to get your portfolio made in a professional photo studio working on real models. Your portfolio consists of all kinds of makeup looks to showcase your brilliant work to the professional world, togenerate goodbusiness.